We design baskets, bags and garments with traditional ghanaian handcrafts in the Greater Accra Region. We use the local techniques and combine them with european design knowledge. We offer interior design pieces and an exclusive clothing line.


Besides our own collection of baskets and garments we offer a selection of products including blankets and art from West Africa.


The forces behind Kathrin Eckhardt Studio are our Ghanaian artists who weave, dye and sew for us.       


ROBERT and his brothers are our weavers. We run our own weaving workshop, where the Asamane family dye by natural colours and work only with the highes qualite of the straw. The brothers invest hours in getting the colours and designs we want.


JUSTICE is our production manager for our RTW collection. He was part of the team who set up the Ethical Fashion Initiative in Ghana and owns now his own production.  He employs three seamstresses Selasi, Doris and Nanama. We are happy we found such an experienced team.


NANA 's workshop is in Kwasheman and he does the dying work all himself. He works for other well renowned brands wordlwide. Nana is a passionated specialist in putting our design ideas on fabric.