About Kathrin Eckhardt

Kathrin Eckhardt has 12 years experience as a fashion stylist and writer. After six years in the fashion department of NZZ am Sonntag / Stil and her studies in Social and Communication Sciences at the University of Lucerne she started to work as a self-employed fashion stylist and writer for national and international clients. Her knowledge of the fashion industry and her aesthetic education has a strong foundation. Looking for a new challenge, Kathrin Eckhardt decided to start designing her own, all handmade Studio line with a social impact in Ghana. The craftsmanship and beauty of the Ghanaian culture fascinates and inspires her every day. www.kathrineckhardt.ch


About the studio

Living in Accra, an environment with waste, health and poverty problems we committed ourselves to creating products with natural and local materials, carefully made by local businesses.

The baskets and garments line is a mix of Swiss design and Ghanaian craftsmanship. The techniques of batik dyeing, the patterns used, as well as the Kente and basket weaving are traditional crafts and inspired by the Ghanaian culture. We transform the traditional crafts with adapted designs into timeless, modern pieces.

Every piece is handmade and unique. Little nuances in shapes and colors are part of the concept.


The Studio in Accra

We spend a quarter of the year in our Studio in Accra. For the rest of the year, we rent the Studio Apartment out. For further information, e-mail us.